Undressing Boudoir

A few weeks out from booking my Boudoir I found myself to be just a girl who decided to go for it... not thinking too much about it and just OWNING it!!!!! Celebrating myself as I am NOW and embracing it! This is what Boudoir Photography is truly about!! The Here and the Now and celebrating YOU!!! So, that's just what I did and let me tell you... it was FUN -- I LOVE my photos....however I didn't wake up feeling as enthused... 


As I sit here looking at my finished photos I think back to the actual day of my Boudoir session and the emotions I was  feeling.... I did NOT wake up and feel like one of those women who hop out of bed and "carpe diem".   I felt unsure and  thought " why did I commit to this?!" 

The Virgo in me was taking over and I could not relax. I was too "in my mind" and fixated on how I looked, afraid of posing and being embarrassed -- I am the MOST graceless woman on the planet as many friends and family could attest !!  BUT....there was a little voice in my mind that said "Darling just own it" so I laid all my makeup out, got the hair tools going and decided to embrace the beauty of this fun and crazy experience and enjoy the ride. Being as real and honest as possible I have decided to lay it all out for you.


The makeup transformation lifted a weight off my shoulders and I was  ready  to get in front of the camera! I felt energetic, playful and fearless! It validates my belief that when a woman feels good about herself she is unstoppable! And that's why I do what I do, helping women feel beautiful and confident is my calling. 


As I got in my car and double checked my makeup in the car mirror I finally felt excited!!!!! Now that my makeup and hair was done and my bags were packed I felt more ready then ever... jewelry Check, heels Check, wardrobe choices Check! 


Arriving at the studio, I was greeted by Nick, the photographer whose face said it all!! The "today's the day" confidence on his face made me embrace the exciting environment and put my mind at ease!! The lighting and cameras were all set up, with my hair and makeup already done , I dressed in my first wardrobe choice!! 


What more fun then to use your wedding dress as one of your wardrobe choices!!??? I was so excited!!! I've been married 7 years this year and I didn't think about doing a bridal Boudoir at the time of my wedding. It was in my comfort zone,  a "safe place" to start off my session. Getting back into my dress reminded me of my wedding day.... my dad walking me down the aisle to meet my soldier, my groom, and my best friend. I even chose song choices for Nick to play while I got dressed in the fitting room so I could have a moment to myself!! Engulfed in my beautiful wedding dress. I stared at myself in the mirror and thought how much has changed since the day I got married! All the amazing years we have had together, all the travels and things we have accomplished. I also gazed at my dress and remembered when my mom and me picked it out together! All of these amazing memories that I wanted to celebrate AGAIN and I was so excited that I found a reason to wear it second time around after all these years! 


The dress did not fit as it once did 7 years ago and was actually too big!!! Regardless of the fact, when I told Nick I wanted to wear it, he gave me  professional advice on how I can pose to still get this bridal effect I wanted during the consultation! He showed me some great shots of me and my dress as we went along throughout the shoot. I was happy so decided to move on. Next came the fun part when we "mimicked" my English Countryside wedding and added  cowgirl boots!!! We laughed for a while about my  posing antics as I fumbled over my huge train and dress.... but he was there to help me like a true maid of honor on my wedding day! Fluffed my dress for me, adjusted lighting and instructed and educated me on posing. I had NEVER done anything like this... the girl who stays behind the scenes with a makeup brush in one hand, teasing brush in the other was now the woman in FRONT of the camera.... I was far more awkward then some of the talented models I work with on set but you would NEVER know from my photos! 


I felt confident and Beautiful and reminded myself that I did not wake up today to be mediocre so off I went to the fitting room for another wardrobe change!! Alongside my wedding dress I chose two wardrobes; one a little more soft and feminine and one more dark and bold, because honey; you only live once so you might as well be a badass!!  I adjusted the makeup to make each look unique to its own! I even added in a flower crown as a fun spring accessory to my softer look. 


After my session we went thru final photos and I chose my favorite ones! I was SO nervous to see them , worried that I didn't look very good but regardless I had fun. Turns out I chose MORE then I thought I would for edits and can't wait to receive my album.... the one for the hubby only  that is ;) 


I was so thankful and proud that I decided to do a Boudoir session! As I watched our story unfold through photography I knew then and there exactly why I did this! It was something I proved to myself !!! I learned that once in a while it's GOOD to blow your mind!! 


- Sara xO 

Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty

I often get told what an incredibly fun job I must have. what a glamorous, fun, and colorful life I must lead because I am a makeup artist. After all, everyone knows "playing with makeup all day is a dream job."

 While I absolutely LOVE being a Makeup Artist, I often wish people knew that there is SO much more that goes into that "title" besides just another pretty face in my chair.

One of the greatest rewards as a makeup artist has been witnessing the impact that I have had on many of my clients, and the repeat customer loyalty that has developed as a result. To date, word of mouth referrals have been my greatest advertisement. It validates that the client was happy with the work that I did for them. It also shows that they trust me to take care of the person they are referring as well. The most satisfying aspect of my work has been the fact that I've helped to build the confidence of so many clients I have worked with. While I am a huge advocate of finding your inner beauty, first and foremost, I absolutely love playing up the outer beauty as well. There is a definite transformation that takes place during the makeup process, and it's not just a physical transformation. There have been numerous occasions where I have worked on someone who is really embarrassed about their skin, due to uneven skin tone, blemishes, maybe even facial hair loss. Upon completion of the makeup, that same person, who was once shy and self conscious, is now beaming with confidence, and ready to take on the world because of the way they look!

It is so fulfilling to be able to help boost someone's spirit and make them feel as beautiful as everyone else perceives them to be.

"The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind- the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel"

Often times when I am working on set for an Editorial shoot, the models themselves occasionally come in with terrible skin and last nights makeup on, greasy hair, and have under eye bags that not even  a coffee IV and concealer alone could possibly fix; but hey, they are human too and Sometimes our fast paced society doesn't allow for enough sleep, and the stress may lead to unhealthy habits that tend to show in our physical appearance. This is where I come in, wave my little magic wand, and Poof! they are ready to be in a magazine spread; if only it were that simple...

Society tends to not realize how much work goes into someone to make them "model ready." From the moment they sit in my chair, It is my job to perfect and banish those flaws from every ounce of sleep she or he didn't receive, to color correcting unwanted colors and tones on there face, and at one point contouring so much the model becomes unrecognizable. (phew! Thankfully this trend is dying down)  She or he becomes who the general public wants to see and who humanity decides is Beautiful. Behind the scenes the model themselves may be a little self conscious when they first sit in my chair, filled with the pressure to be that girl or guy in the magazines  that "everyone wants to be" The type of models some younger generations waste hours in front of the mirror comparing themselves too. However, after one glimpse of the printed version, Society fails to realize  that this beautiful edited, photo shopped and printed version of ones self was probably running on no sleep and has beauty flaws of there own.  

I will leave you with this, "Be your own kind of Beautiful" and when you may need that extra pick me up; there is always space in my makeup chair.

                                            - Sara xO